Our Giving

Being a Blessing

When this business was started, it was always with the intention to give back to society, where it is within our capacity. With the resources that have been raised through this business, we believe in making a difference by blessing communities and causes to promote economic, environmental and social flourishing. 


One-off Donations

As of now, we have made small donations to various causes, such as the 2020 Beirut Explosions Response by Singapore Red Cross and the Children in Crisis Fund by World Vision International


Child Sponsorship

With your help and support, we have successfully sponsored our first Tinker Aerie child from Philippines, an 8-year-old girl called Precious Celyn! She is sponsored through World Vision, an organisation that works towards paving their paths towards nutrition, child protection, education and clean water, among others, with hopes of eventually helping people like her break out of the poverty cycle. 

If you wish to find out how to sponsor a child in need, click here.