Jewellery Care Tips

  • Rubbing alcohol can be used to wipe down the resin as well as disinfect metal posts. Fully cured epoxy resin will not be affected. However, do note that long exposure to alcohol may start to dissolve resin so it is not recommended to do more than a quick wipe down. 
  • Take care not to use rubbing alcohol on semi-precious stones of the organic variety, including opals and pearls, as organic coating may dissolve.
  • Store all jewellery in a cool, dry and air-tight box or bag, away from sunlight to minimise oxidation and UV-degradation. Avoid clumping all jewellery together as this might result in tangling, scratching and accelerate the tarnishing process. 
  • While all our products are be 14k/18k gold-plated or sterling 925 silver-plated and will not tarnish easily, they are still not immune to wear and tear that will expose the metal alloys within. Hence, it is important to be gentle in caring for your jewellery! 
  • SS925 Sterling Silver naturally oxidises with time. Hence it is important to store them in a cool, dry and air-tight place, away from sunlight as this will accelerate the tarnishing process. 
  • Mild soap and water can be used to occasionally cleanse your jewellery, by lightly rinsing then drying thoroughly with a microfibre cloth.