About the Brand

TINKER refers to a person who makes a living by travelling and fixing pots and pans. With this word, I wanted to capture the essence of a “nomad craftsman”. This is especially relevant as it captured the essence of something dynamic and constantly evolving, which reflects the brand's culture to constantly be growing, improving and keeping up with the times. It also serves as a reminder that the brand was created to serve a purpose bigger than ourselves; that in the moments we have been gifted, we strive to able to leave a lasting and meaningful impact. 

AERIE refers to a lofty dwelling place of a strong and majestic bird of prey. This word is a symbolism of creativity, safety, dignity and strength, and will capture the aesthetic of this brand.

Our vision at Tinker Aerie is to be able to create art that capture the elements of God’s beauty and creation, hence the logo with little elements of nature in a jar. We also hope that this business will grow to be able to sustainably give back to and bless others. We invite you guys to join us on this incredible and exciting journey until we reach that goal together!